DNN Motorsports uses Speed Factory Racing titanium fasteners because they are as strong as steel and as light as aluminum giving our team the weight advantage we are looking for

DNN Motorsports finds drivers for their team using LetsGo.Racing.comLetsGo.Racing is an online marketplace that connects racers with racecar owners who are looking to fill available seat time. Rent the Ride. Own the Victory.

DNN Motorsports’ Acura Integras run on HA Motorsports re-manufactured ECUs.

Chandler Autosport

All vehicle wiring for DNN Motorsports is done with custom mil-spec harnesses by Chandler Autosport.


DNN Motorsports uses Injector Experts to blue print and clean their fuel injectors for maximum performance.

DevSport Logo 2016

DNN Motorsports uses DevSport products (like their power steering delete kit) on the team’s Honda Challenge race cars.


DNN Motorsports uses Smart Strings and Smart Camber from Smart Racing Products to align all of their race cars. Awesome tools for the perfect set up at the shop or at the track.


DNN Motorsports uses Driven Steering Wheels in its Honda Challenge racing car.


DNN Motorsports uses Hasport motor mounts in its Honda Challenge racing car.


DNN Motorsports uses ProSpeed RS683 Xtreme Brake Fluid in all of its race cars.


DNN Motorsports cars run Unorthodox Racing lightweight underdrive pulleys for extra horsepower.

MCS8 [Converted]

All DNN Motorsports cars have outstanding handling thanks to Motion Control Suspension dual adjustable coil-over shocks.



AEM Infinity handles all of the engine management for DNN Motorsports.



Dyno tuning for DNN Motorsports is done by Aj Gracy at Performance In-Frame Tuning.



Data acquisition for DNN Motorsports is done by Racepak.



Every DNN Motorsports vehicle uses safety equipment from Autopower.



DNN Motorsports goes deeper into every corner than our competition using Carbotech Performance Brakes.


DNN Motorsports uses aftermarket suspension pieces from Hardrace.


Insane Shafts

Lightweight and super strong axles on DNN Motorsports cars come from Insane Shafts.


Sampson Racing Communications

All radio communication between the driver and the crew on DNN Motorsports is done with Sampson Racing Communications.



DNN Motorsports cars run transmissions built by Synchrotech.



Rich Olivier at TEM Machine Shop builds the engines that make DNN Motorsports cars roar.



Toyo Tires is the official tire of DNN Motorsports for the Honda Challenge series.


IO Port

Every DNN Motorsports car has multiple parts on it from I/O Port Racing Supplies.


The Double Nickel Nine Motorsports crew is refreshed after the races with tasty brews from Tactical Ops Brewing.

2014 10 29 Phase2 logo Ai

Steering wheel quick releases and other performance products are supplied by Phase 2 Motortrend.

Engineer, Stephen Young’s go-kart racing team with his sons (Tristan and Sam), called Mountain Top Racing, take race engineering to the next level.

Cadet Blues Cover

For a great story with lots of hard driving in it, check out Cadet Blues.