Krider Racing (913)

Rob Krider and Keith Kramer have been competing and winning races together since 2008.

Krider Racing (1393)

Each have their own strengths they bring to the team, and working together their talents combined are exponential to the success of all of their motorsports efforts.

Krider Racing (1744)

Randy Krider, Ken Myers, Rob Krider, Keith Kramer, Bryan Heitkoter, Aj Gracy, and Dave Schotz enjoying their epic podium finish at NASA’s 25 Hours of Thunderhill.


Stephen Young and Sam Galindo have recently moved up into the driver’s seat for Double Nickel Nine Motorsports. Stephen Young earned a podium finish at the SCCA Las Vegas National Tour and co-drove the team’s Fiesta ST at the 2021 One Lap of America where the team won the Economy Class. Sam “Terp” Galindo has finished first in numerous SCCA regional autocrosses and is chasing Rookie of the Year honors for 2021.