DNN Motorsports is comprised of a number of dedicated gearheads that keep the cars on track, out in front, and also continue the team’s never ending collection of motorsport trophies.

Krider Racing (1730)

These guys and gals have tackled the 25 Hours of Thunderhill and crewed the cars to a National Championship in Honda Challenge 4.


There are many crew members who have contributed to the success of Double Nickel Nine Motorsports, however engineer Stephen Young has consistently gone above and beyond and traveled great distances to help the team.  Crew member for two 25 Hours of Thunderhill events (where he never slept) and the Crew Chief for the #38 Honda Challenge Championship car, Stephen Young is certainly dedicated and immensely talented.

When Stephen isn’t thrashing for DNN Motorsports he and his sons (Tristan and Sam) run Mountain Top Racing, competing in national go-kart races across the country.