First Place, Track Record, Pole Position… then Car Fire!

Team had a solid and scary weekend at Buttonwillow Raceway during Rounds 7 and 8 of the NASA SoCal Honda Challenge Series. On Saturday Rob Krider, in the 38 Integra, started from the front row and took first place with teammate Keith Kramer in the 88 car finishing in second place. On Sunday Rob Krider broke the Honda Challenge 4 track record at Buttonwillow with a 2:10:485 on the Clockwise #1 Configuration earning him the pole for the race later that day. During the Sunday race while battling to hold on to the lead the engine of the 38 car threw a rod causing a car fire which you can see in the video above. The race was red flagged meaning Rob finished second (even with a melted car) and Keith finished 3rd. These points are key in giving the Double Nickel Nine Motorsports team the lead for the SoCal Honda Challenge 4 season points as they had to the National Championships at Austin, TX, in mid-September. Of course, that is after they fix the car. For more info on the car fire check out the coverage on There is also a write-up in the Register newspaper talking about the fire, the team’s efforts to rebuild and our new sponsor LetsGo.RacingLetsGo.Racing is an online marketplace that connects racers with racecar owners who are looking to fill available seat time. Rent the Ride. Own the Victory. Check them out if you are looking for seat time, or to rent your ride.